About The Brand


Dena Roy, is a line of 100% Italian and South American leather handbags that are sourced and handmade in Los Angeles, California. The line was launched in 2016 by designer Kelsey Pedrini who had the vision to design bags that take staple pieces and give them the flair that celebrates ones individual style. The line pairs unique textures to create a bold and sophisticated statement with timeless appeal, while eliminating seasonal expiration dates - the ultimate bag for multi season versatility. Brining the line to life and sharing the pieces continues to be Kelsey's motivation for evolving the line.

Each bag is made from hand selected leathers. Every hide has a natural variance - flaw, color variation, etc., which was intentionally chosen. Paired with our one of a kind hand dyed marble lining, you will find that no two Dena Roy bags are exactly alike.

We know that the use of real leather is questioned for many reasons but primarily the harming of animals and the negative environmental impact. However, we source some of the best leather that comes from sustainable ranches and tanned naturally - which eliminates the use of harsh chemicals.  The hides we are using for our bags come from cattle that were raised for beef and milk - so the cows don't loose their lives for fashion purposes. Not using their hides could actually be considered wasteful.

Most faux leather is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane. If the only environmental impact that is being considered is whether an animal skin is used in the leather, then it’s clearly true that faux leather has a smaller impact than real leather. However, the sorts of chemistry used in the manufacturing process have a negative environmental impact, which affects everyone on the earth - including animals. Faux leather products also wear out and need to be replaced much more often than real leather, which just compounds the impact. Real leather actually has the potential to be less damaging to the environment than most faux or vegan leathers.

Our goal is to eliminate waste - we are conscious of the materials we are using  and realize the impact we have on the environment. We make a point to use all scrap materials however we can.