Rule Breakers

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With Summer behind us and Fall rapidly approaching, we thought it would be a good time to touch on the topic of seasonal fashion rules. Do you ever feel the pressure of having to follow the rules and change out your wardrobe each season?? No white after Labor Day, only save sequins for evenings and Holiday's, the color yellow only belongs in Spring/Summer, avoid wearing white shoes…and the list goes on and on.

Well we sure did!

While we respect the rules of fashion and don’t want to step on any of our forefathers toes, some rules are meant to be broken by those that can pull it off. We wanted to change things up a bit when we designed our bags - Dena Roy pieces are meant to be carried over from season to season while exuding versatility and self expression. Rock our all white clutch in the dead of Winter or pair our black + white hair on hide bags with a cute floral dress in Summer - NO rules. NO deadlines. Just statements.

We hope you enjoyed our little rant on why our only rule is that you keep your Dena Roy bag seasonless and are confident when doing so.

Until next time.

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