ultimate bag for multi season versatility

Dena Roy is a collection of handbags that are handmade in Los Angeles, California. Combining unique textures to create individualistic pieces; the exterior of each bag is made of 100% Italian and South American hand selected leathers and paired with a one of a kind, hand dyed liner. It is our vision that Dena Roy bags eliminate seasonal expiration dates- a bag for all seasons and versatile layering for all occasions. Head to our About page to learn more about  the brand and why we use the materials we use.


The exterior of each Dena Roy bag is made with 100% Italian and South American hand selected leather.  Our upcoming SS '19 collection will be the beginning of Dena Roy bags incorporating recycled/vintage leathers with new leathers to give those used leathers new life and truly making each bag one of a kind. 


All Dena Roy bags are lined with a 100% Rayon liner which has been hand dyed and washed with a black and white marble dye. The dye process we use creates unique depth combinations that vary from bag to bag.