About the brand

Dena Roy is a collection of handbags that are handmade in Los Angeles, California. Combining unique materials and textures to create individualistic pieces; the exterior of each bag is made of 100% Italian hand selected leathers and paired with a one of a kind, hand dyed liner. It is our vision that Dena Roy bags eliminate seasonal expiration dates and exude versatility. 


The exterior of each Dena Roy bag is made with 100% Italian hand selected leather. The leather  is cut from different parts of the hide which results in different variations in the grain and texture of every bag. Combined with the unique interior liner dye technique, each bag will truly be one of a kind.


After a long search and experimenting countless times, we think we have finally found the perfect liner to pair with our leathers. Dena Roy bags are lined with a 100% Rayon liner which has been hand dyed with a black and white marble dye. 

Care instructions

All bags come with a 100% cotton dust bag to protect and store your new purse. The hides we use are naturally stain resistant. However, if you find that you would like to protect your bag further, you can apply a leather protectant spray. If your bag gets any unwanted spots, we suggest you use a damp cloth and spot clean only. If you have any questions about care for your new bag, we are always here to help.